The reason we make “Farm to Fork” decisions as a restaurant is NOT because it is the trendy thing to do. I was born & raised on a farm and cattle ranch and deeply understand the significance of local farms & ranches in a community. The closer product is harvested to where it is consumed means:

  • Produce can be harvested at its peak ripeness because it doesn’t have to travel far
  • Purchasing from local families keeps our micro economy healthy
  • Knowing the people that grow what we serve gives us proper respect for the product
  • We can all go to the farms and ranches and actually see the quality of the operations
-Chef Owner Sean Gafner


We believe the success of our business relies on a healthy environment. Our support of sustainable practices through the way we purchase, specifically 100% of our beef, pork, chicken & seafood, is one of the greatest ways we believe we’re called to LEAD this industry in Longmont! Our partnerships with industry visionaries have resulted in smart shifts in the way we purchase our products, ensuring that we provide customers with more sustainable options.


  • ALL of our beef, pork & chicken are from companies that hold this commitment 100%
  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • No Growth Hormones Ever
  • Never Fed Anything that has touched any chemical (pesticides or growth hormones)
  • Only Fed All Vegetarian Diet (no animal by-products like larger companies use)
  • Sustainably Raised, Cage Free & AWA Certified

ALL of our Seafood comes through Seattle Seafood company, the industry leader in quality & sustainability (Google for details)

Our Beef 

We are now getting 100% of our beef from Clint Buckners beautiful ranch on 75th & Nelson; they are true free range 100% of their life and 100% grass-fed 100% of their life. Clint grows 100% of what he feeds all of his animals! (we are having our Summer staff party on this ranch in June). Our butcher is in Ft. Collins and he will hang our beef to dry age it for 3 weeks before fabricating it and sending it to us. This 3 week dry age both intensifies the beef flavor and tenderizes the meat as it begins to break down. 

A cow only has so many each of a certain cut of steak, this is why we have re-worked our menu to have a true respect for these animals. True example: when America only wants chicken breast, Foster Farms learns to grow chickens with no legs and gigantic breasts (in about 1 month). The same goes for beef and we combat that by using the entire animal. You will need to pay attention to our inventory level on certain cuts of steak. Steak Cut Availability will be kept current on the board throughout the week. When we are out of Filet Mignon or Rib Eye for the week, this is not something to be ashamed of like having to 86 something because we weren’t prepared; this is something to be proud of! Steak frites will now be made with: teres major (same), sirloin steaks, flank steak, skirt steak, hanger steak & flat iron steak.

Our Pork

Clint also raises Berkshire Hogs, a highly prized heritage breed known for its rich flavor and dark, naturally pink meat. This is the ground pork for our new Perfect Pork Burger. The rest of the pork that we bring in and braise for things like the Cuban sandwich & Thai Pork Tacos comes from White Marble Farms in Iowa. These are a breed called a Duroc Hog which are bred specifically for rich and tender meat in the shoulders & belly.

Our Chicken

We have gone back to Red Bird Farms Chicken. This is a great Colorado company that started in 1940 and has kept the same commitment listed above for 80 years. It takes Red Bird three times longer to raise a chicken than Foster Farms and its worth it! 

Our Trout

The Snake River in Idaho is known for producing the most rich & delicious Rainbow Trout in the country. Our trout is raised & harvested by Clear Springs Trout Company that have been raising high end Rainbow Trout in what is called “the Magic Valley” since 1966. The reason this 30 mile stretch of the Snake River called the Magic Valley is because of the high percentage of pure spring water at the perfect 58*F temperature for trout.

High quality aquaculture like this is the future of eating great fish. There are not many species of fresh water fish or seafood that naturally multiply at the rate we now eat it, therefore eating only “wild caught” fish is unsustainable and irresponsible.

Our Scallops

Are domestic, dry pack (no chemical added) 100% natural & delicious scallops from Northern Wind Fishery in New Bedford, MA. To insure sustainability, scallop boats are allotted a specific number of fishing days in open and protected areas determined by the U.S. government each year. The new season officially opens March 1st.  Northern Wind consistently works with scallop boat owners to improve harvesting, shucking, and cleaning techniques.

Our Produce

A lot of our produce comes from Colorado in the Summer & Fall months but it’s just not possible in the Winter, however there are some products we get locally year round such as lettuces, herbs & mushrooms.

Our Dairy

Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese is right here in Longmont and they only use local goats milk. Our milk, cream & butter is all actually from Meadow Gold in Texas but it’s really high quality dairy.

Our Bread

“The Bread Ladies” Kathy Rosser & Susan Bright at Market Street Bakery on 15th & Main Street, just up the road. They deliver fresh bread to us six days a week!

Our Kombucha

What is Kombucha? A beverage made by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast & bacteria. Kombucha is known as the “Immortal Health Elixir” by the Chinese since around 2,000 years ago

Why drink Kombucha? The fermentation process creates amazing probiotics, enzymes, acids & b-vitamins that are great for: –digestion -immune support -weight loss -reduced joint pain -energy -cancer prevention -detoxification

Who Makes ours? Cassie & Tanner Gifford live in Mead and are about to launch this new Kombucha Brewery called Knuckle Puck (named after the famous hockey shot in the movie The Mighty Ducks (Tanner is a hockey player)

Where is it brewed? Knuckle Puck Brewery rents space inside of Good Eats Grill here in Longmont

Our Oil 

The oil we use in our fryers 100% rapeseed oil (non-hydrogenated, nut free, soy free). The rape seed grows abundantly in Canada and is pressed into a healthful vegetable oil. We keep one of our fryers 100% gluten free and there is never any cross-contamination through cleaning or any other of our processes.

86 Single Use Plastic at The Roost!

We’re striving toward improving our restaurants and addressing this increasingly devastating world issue by removing as much single-use plastic as possible. We invite you to help us continue finding solutions that we may have missed or have not yet figured out; and we challenge you to find ways to remove & replace single use plastic in your own ways.

In all of our restaurants, we’ve replaced the following items with compostable options, which are available on request:

  • Plastic straws
  • Kids’ cups, lids, and straws
  • To-go cutlery

As for those necessary items… We’ve replaced plastic to-go bags with paper and our trash can liners with compostable ones, both of which break down in less than a month. We’ve also eliminated much of our need for plastic wrap by switching to reusable lids for our kitchen containers.

Yes — single-use plastic is FAR less expensive than the replacements we’ve brought in. So, we respectfully ask that you help us as much as possible in supporting our vision by simply requesting any straws or disposable cups and utensils you might need. It’s a great priority to us to be responsible with what we’ve been entrusted while we make our laps around the sun; in that time, we can either do a whole lot of damage or try to do a bit of good…Let’s shoot for the latter!